Hey guys! Happy happy holidays to you all! (yes, all four of you) This year, with things being so busy, I couldn't do a series of posts with gift ideas like last year (you can see last year's posts here, herehere, and here.) but in this post I present to you my birthday/Christmas wishlist (because, let's face it, with a birthday on December 28th, someone is getting one gift only, no matter how utterly unfair that is *sobs*) For this year's present, I want pony, a tiaraall the glitter in the world, all the cute dresses I can get my hands on, a bag or two, some geeky/novelty stuff and of course flats (it's not that I don't like heels, it's just that whenever I wear them I feel I look like a drunk otter. On rollerskates. Walking on tightrope).  

Also this year, as I 've just opened and stocked my little etsy shop  I'm having a giveaway for (all four of) you lovely readers. The prize is your choice of a brooch and a notebook from my shop. The giveaway is open to anyone in the world: no matter where you live, I will send your prize to you. Just scroll to the bottom of this post and enter through the gleam.io widget.

Oh, and another thing: some time ago, I won Collectif Clothing's a/w 15 design competition, and actually two (out of three) of my designs made it into production! Now the first of them is available on their stores and online, and omg omg omg it is glorious. I received mine a couple of days ago, but didn't have the time to wear it out, let alone snap a picture, but as soon as I recover from a nasty cold that has me exhausted, I 'll make sure to make an outfit post worthy of such a beauty.
So, without further ado, here is my wishlist. Hope you like it :)