Hello, dear reader(s) of this blog. Long time no see, huh? Let's all(/both?) agree that 2016 has been a shit show, and never speak of it again. Deal? Cool. 
So, having -quite long ago- abandoned this poor blog to a fate of collecting digital dust, I thought maybe I could revive it once or twice a year when I have collected enough items in my wishlists, and need to show them to someone (and, you know, my friends don't always react well to being constantly awoken at 3am with links, accompanied by inspired and extremely eloquent messages like OMGOMGLOOKATTHISIWANTITSOBADIMGONNADIEDLJHA ;RTVHU;OSJR;RW3498Q;)  
or, well, when people want to buy me gifts, and, me being me, i.e. a person who loves things, but can be extremely difficult to shop for -just ask my mom- they need some gentle guidance. (ok, who am I kidding? no one, you say? yes, you are correct: this is a shameless exploitation of the concept of this blog that once stood for something pure, and beautiful, and real)
And, on this instance, the occasion that calls for a new post is my rapidly approaching 30th birthday. Yeap, the big three-o. The dirty thirty. The beginning of the fourth decade of my life. (GASP! but I look and sound so young, you say, dear reader(s), and you are right: I have the emotional maturity 
-and tastes- of a 12 year-old; just wait till you see my wishlist) I have this friend (hey girl! love ya! #squad) who has been nagging me to make a wishlist, and, as I have been constantly whining about the number-that-shall-not-be-named approaching, she was probably led to understand that I will be extremely cross if I don't get many many things for this big birthday. Things are love, dear reader(s), things are happiness, things are what has been missing from my life, things will make me love myself, and other people love me. (Issues? me? nooooo)

And so, with no more rambling, I present to you: stuff I want to have



(I just got informed that I absolutely need this one, so, yeah, birthday elves do your thing)

Thank you for scrolling through, and, if you are a friend of mine (or my mom), I promise to be very surprised when I open my gift(s), and try not to angst too much over my advanced age, inevitable decline, and impending death.