Hey again! did you guys miss me? I'm sorry for the long absence, a lot of stuff seemed to happen all at once, and made it difficult for me to keep this little blog updated.
But now, since we are well into festival season, and also the royal ascot racecourse in UK is approaching, I thought I'd show you some of my absolute favorite head wear. Not that I really need a reason for that, I love everything I can put on my head, be it a floral crown, a completely obnoxious hat, a vintage fascinator, or a plain everyday object attached to a headband. 
And you should know that I am a tiara girl. I've spent hours and hours pining after extremely expensive tiaras with precious stones that I would never be able to pull off in my everyday life, so anything resembling a tiara or a crown, only made with humbler materials, like plastic, fabric, or whatever, is after my own heart. I know, I know, a normal girl daydreaming of tiaras? how cliché. But I swear, I don't have any delusions of grandeur, I am not dreaming of the day I turn out to be a princess, Mia Thermopolis style, I am just a person who loves accessories, fashion, history, and sparkly things too much not to be impressed by tiaras. 
Anyway, here are my favorite headpieces, scroll through and tell me which ones are your favorites.

So, these ones are of course by chromat, they are seriously bad ass, and the halo one is probably my favorite thing ever, that I have to own, like, now.
If you are of a more pastel/sparkly persuasion, keep scrolling: you will not be disappointed.

So, what do you think? are you more of a floral crown or a quirky fascinator kind of person? are you going/did you go to any festivals this summer? where else would you wear this kind of headwear?

Also, in case you were wondering what I look like, I did a photoshoot for Fashionism, one of the few greek fashion websites I actually enjoy. You can find the shoot here. The girl behind the camera is my friend Athena, a.k.a. La mysterieuse bibliothecaire (and now that I think of it, you can see my mug over on her blog as well ^_^ )