Hey, guys! Long time no see, huh?(at this point people reading this are probably 3-4 of my close friends and my mom, but still)  Things have been quite hectic lately, with work (I designed costumes for a very cute play for children for Athens music hall), an MA application that didn't result to anything (which kinda, you know, bummed me out), trying to -finally- open my etsy shop and of course the current situation here in Greece, that so many tv shows have already satirized.
(I love you Mindy, also please adopt me?)

When you have a blog that -ever so subtly- urges your readers to buy stuff, and there are capital controls imposed on banks on your home country, most of your peers are unemployed, and a refugee crisis is literally going on on your doorstep, it feels kind of stupid to keep going, and well, after the attacks in Paris, being lighthearted seems counter intuitive. 
But, all this time I've been constantly stalking etsy for, you know, research purposes, so here are some of my favourite things on there, in no particular order, and with no particular concept other than "HEY LOOK AT ALL THESE RETTY THINGS, I WANT THEM" Enjoy.


I'm not a fancy candle person, but ohmigod I really really want to see what twin peaks 
or the inside of the tardis smells like. 

So, do you like them? Also, now that I'm back on the blog-saddle, would you like to see something specific on this blog, other than the awesome christmas lists I'm planning to show you? Do you have an etsy shop you would like to share? (or maybe tips, as I said after a long time I'm finally opening my own etsy shop and would love the feedback)
See you soon