They say write about what you know. So, I 'll do that. 
Can you think of anything missing from the illustration above? It is basically the checklist for the ingredients for a super fun day at the beach. But as you can see, there is no swimsuit. Because let's face it, if you are a fat girl, like me, chances are you've been told that people don't want to look at your body, and you've also probably spent summer after summer trying to find swimwear that suits your personality and style. And it is difficult. And you despair. And you think that maybe you deserve not having cute swimwear that fits you, so you either wear boring black one-piece swimsuits that cover too much of your skin and make you sweat a lot, or you settle for ill-fitting bikini bras that hurt your neck and back and make you hunch in fear of showing more of your body (that is already so hideous to your fellow beach-goers)*. 
But you know what? F*ck them. The fashion industry, telling you you don't have the right to exist because you don't fit in their narrow beauty standards (yeah, pun totally intended), men, who think you are there just to be pleasing to their eyes, other women, so burdened with internalized misogyny, that think of you as less than, because you are fatter (or thinner, or taller, or shorter, or hairier, or with the "wrong" set of reproductive organs, or in any way different to what they believe is the right way to be a woman. Hint: there is no wrong way to be a woman.) So, f*ck them, because you exist, and you are beautiful, and you are entitled to life's pleasures just as much as anyone else. And one of life's pleasures is going to the beach in your awesome swimsuit and looking cute as hell and having lots of fun.
*of course, no offense to anyone who likes black swimsuits that cover a lot, or wears bikini bras that don't exactly fit. I'm sure you look good in them, because, you know, liking and accepting yourself and wearing what you like is what really matters, not the opinion of somebody on the internet.

Scroll down for some of my favorite swimwear for us fatties.

So, what do you think? would you flaunt your curves in one of these?