Supermarket Sarah is a concept shop/online art gallery/perfect thing that exists since 2009, where everything you can buy is displayed on walls, and you can click on items to buy. Every wall is curated by a different artist/maker/retailer and the prices can range from 2£ to 600£ or even more.
I've spent hours browsing past walls, where all items are sold out, just for the eye candy. It can serve as an inspiration for decorating your own home, but it can also make you want things 
you didn't even know you needed, like 
a protest cake 
or a palm comb
or a desk brooch

Here are some of my favorite walls that can be found on Supermarket Sarah 

what do you think? do you like your online shopping experience 
to resemble that of a physical store, or is this frustrating you?

PS: you can now find the print from the beginning of the post on our society6 shop