So, you may or may not have noticed a little change on the pages section of this blog.
Come on, look up. There. Yeap, that's it, a dress me up page.

My awesome boyfriend is a very talented illustrator (well, coming from me I guess it isn't much,
but you can see for yourselves) and he made me a playable dress up doll.
He didn't make it for me, he made me a dress up doll. How awesome is that?
And I thought it would be nice to share it with you,
so while you are checking the blog you can play a little game as well.

And that's all. Hope you enjoy this new thing,
and if you want, feel free to share the outfits you create with it.

I'm off to go play with myself (not in that way, you perv)

PS: you need flash to see the file
PS2please be patient while it's loading, and if it's taking too long, 
try refreshing the page, I've found it works.