ok, this thing ^ must be the bestest, awesomest valentine's day card I have ever seen.

So, valentine's (or galentine's if you prefer) day is in less than a month, huh?
you know what that means? (well yeah, you probably do, you don't live under a rock, right?) (sorry if that was rude to people who live under rocks and are reading this right now, didn't mean to offend you, just thought, you know, internet connection under a rock? no way!) 
anyway, february 14th means picking a gift or two (or ten, hey boyfriend) for the person you love, be it a partner, a best friend, or your mom. It also means a lot of red, pink, glitter, and heart-shaped everything. So, if you don't like that kind of thing, please avert your eyes so we can still be friends, I am a huge fan of all those things, and kitsch has a strange power over me. 
so, adjust your monitor's brightness settings and scroll down for some heart-shaped, red-colored cuteness.

so, which are you planning on celebrating this year? 
valentine's or galentine's? or both?