so, you only have 100 dollars to spend on gifts, and have more than 4 friends (who needs more than four friends, anyway?). or you have to buy a secret santa gift and you can't go over 20$ because then everyone will think you are an asshole who's trying too hard. what you need is to be creative with your budget. It is always a good idea to diy a unique gift, maybe a box with some candy and a little something to show that you know the other persons' tastes well, or, if you are the crafty type, you can sew something like a hair bow or a bow-tie (bows are really easy to sew, and there's literally thousands of tutorials out there), or, well, a hand-made christmas card and an envelope with 20$ or a gift card (we're at the last minute now, what if the christmas shipping dates are merely a suggestion? do you want to be the only one with no gift for your secret santa event?)

but well, this is a blog about buying stuff and, if you are willing to risk it, here are some gifts that you can buy for under 20$

christmas cards for the lazy among you (hey, I understand)

notebooks for the stationery lovers

beautiful christmas ornaments for when you don't want to think
 "what will that person really like?"

glitter letters for a person who loves glitter (who doesn't, amirite?)

jewelry to impress someone

bookmarks for the bookworms

pocket mirrors for the vain

and socks. socks are for everyone. 
no wonder they are a favorite among last minute christmas shoppers