So, the other night I saw a person I barely knew and, about one minute into the conversation, they told me I should lose some weight. They didn't mean it as an insult, more as a piece of advice I think -like the usual "you're so beautiful, if only you lost some weight" thing, that even if you're a tiny bit overweight, I bet you've heard a million times before.
Guys, I'm fat. I have cellulite, stretchmarks and chub rub. But. I didn't mind someone who's business is clearly not telling me to lose weight, doing so. I was just surprised. Not because it was (clearly) rude and intrusive, but because I thought that fat shaming was a thing of the past. A thing my grandma or a rude uncle or a person with no Internet connection might do. Because, you know, even the, let's say, well intended "I'm worried about your health" is fat shaming, offensive and rude. You wouldn't ask a skinny person if they have anorexia, would you? That would be rude and also potentially triggering to a person who might actually be struggling with that kind of problem. So why do the same thing to a fat person? But you've read all these arguments before, right?
So, why am I devoting so much time to say that that, probably unfiltered and spontaneous, remark didn't hurt me? Because I just want to say that of course I've struggled with my appearance for years. I'm still struggling sometimes. It is difficult being a big girl in a world where you are cast aside as wrong, lazy, or undesirable because you are overweight and what people look for in partners, employees, and even friends is the perfect size 0 girl. But lately I've been trying to love myself a bit more and understand the others around me as well. The internet -mostly- helps with that. And I've realized that it can be difficult for everyone, and everyone can have issues with their appearance. Even the size 0 girl (I don't condone skinny shaming either, the size 0 here is merely for symbolic purposes). And I just want to let you know that no matter how fat you think your ankles are or whatever you think is wrong with your body, 
and the main purpose of this blog is to suggest ideas about what -plus size or not- dress to buy for that fancy event or what gift to buy for your geeky friend. And you can always contact me for advice about such (or more extravagant) shopping ideas, I'm always happy to help.
So, sorry if that got preachy or sappy, here are some (junk) food themed things you can buy if, like me, you want to show the world just how much you love food.



bacon & eggs

 and, of course, ice cream

hungry yet?

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