ok. yes, these are a bit pricey, and maybe a bit difficult to incorporate 
into your everyday wardrobe, but my, aren't they the prettiest,
classiest, loudest, perfect-est fashion thingies I've seen in a while,
ones that you can buy if you decide to skip eating for a month or so.
(just kidding, do not skip eating, that's bad for your health)

Taken from Chromat's about page
Drawing from Becca McCharen’s theoretical background in architecture and urban design, Chromat focuses on structural experiments for the human body.Chromat began in 2010 as an extension of McCharen’s degree in architecture.
Her continued interest in scaffolding, city maps, wearable exoskeletons and
the intricacies of undergarments have been explored as each new collection develops.
Chromat swimwear, lingerie and signature architectural cages are all made in New York City.

They do offer some -limited- curve and men's options, as well